S 8000 IQ PLUS Window

S 8000 IQ Plus window

The new generation of window profiles S 8000 IQ Plus is the best choice for modern and elegant buildings. Attractive, rounded contours of the frame give these windows vibrant yet harmonic appearance. The S8000 IQ profile series are available in white or wood decor colours.


mproving the thermal insulation of a building is a core element of GEALAN's new six-chamber system with a construction width of 83mm: the S8000 IQ plus rebate seal system. It is designed especially for these constructions where the window frame needs to be over 80 mm wide. With a six chamber design and increased width, this system offers ideal protection from cold and noise, helps reduce heating costs and makes an active constribution to sinking CO2 emissions. Large steel stiffeners also add to structural rigidity. The system proves highly resistant against forced entry. The new frame system S 8000 IQ plus offers a wealth of combination possibilities thanks to full compatibility with all sashes of the standard S 8000 IQ system (classic with stepped sash, and design with semiflush sash). To prevent mould and improve the room climate, the patented GECCO (GEALAN CLIMA CONTROL) ventilation system can be installed.

Frame value

Uf = 1,15 (STV)

Window value

Uw = 0,79 (triple glazing)

* for the reference window 1,23 x 1,48

Thickness profile:
83 mm
Frame insulation value:
1,15 z STV
UW factor:
0,79 (triple glazing) for the reference window 1,23 x 1,48

BFO products meet the highest standards, as we pay much attention to the quality of window components (we work with top suppliers: Gealan, Blyweert, GU, Hoppe, Sobinco etc.), and to the production process (the production plant has recently been fully retooled). In our product range customers will also find: garage gates, window sills, roller shutters, insect sreens, window blinds and shades, and ventilation grills.

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BFO was founded in 2009, and has been located in Białystok, the biggest city in the north- -east Poland. The company employes 35 people. The production plant occupies an area of 650 m2, and the office – 280m2. We sell windows and doors in Poland (85%) and abroad (Belgium, Sweden, the UK and France – 15%). Białostocka Fabryka Okien has developed enormously since its foundation, increasing sales year by year, which was an incentive to expand further at European markets. In 2015 we are present at three construction trade fairs: in (Malmö) Sweden, (Namur) Belgium and (Minsk) Belarus.


very BFO window includes a two-year warranty.

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BFO warranty card 2023
warranty card 2023

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